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Power of Attorney

Power of AttorneyA Power of Attorney document (POA) lets a friend or family member you trust make decisions for you in your legal, financial and business dealings. It can be a helpful tool in case of emergency, hospitalization or unexpected admission to a nursing home.

Usually, NYSLRS can’t release benefit information to anyone without your say-so — even close family members. However, once we have a copy on record, we can discuss your pension with an agent you choose in your POA.

On the other hand, you need to understand the importance and considerable impact of a POA. Once you sign one, your agent can do more than request information; they can change your address with NYSLRS or even adjust your tax withholding — all without asking you. Some POAs include something called a statutory gift rider. If yours does, your agent will also be able to redirect your deposits to a joint bank account. (We can’t ever deposit money into an account that does not have your name on it.)

If you’re thinking about a POA, NYSLRS offers a form that combines the New York State statutory POA with a gift rider. This form meets all of New York State’s legal requirements, and it’s limited to retirement benefit transactions. For example, it won’t serve as a healthcare proxy. You can find the form at www.osc.state.ny.us/retire/forms/poa.pdf.

It’s important to consult an attorney before you execute a power of attorney document or anything similar.