9 thoughts on “Direct Deposit Pension Payments

  1. Elio A Giuliani Westchester County happy retiree

    Thank you NYS Pension system and all the workers in the NYSLRS offices for the direct deposit.

    I can’t imagine why anyone receiving a pension payment would still wait for a mailed check and then have to go out and deposit the check! Especially after the disaster we all went through with the deliberate attempts to hurt the US Postal Service and with severe cold and snow weather in many parts of NYS and in the USA.

    Direct Deposit works and works great. I notice the deposit happens the last work day of each month which means I get the payment most times before the month is over.

    Thanks again !

  2. Lavell Powell's

    My name is Lavelle Powell’s n I I need a direct deposit because my bank key was lost so I want to get a direct deposit come to my name

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      To sign up for direct deposit, please complete a direct deposit form and submit it to us.

      If you would like your pension deposited into a checking account, you can attach a voided check and mail the completed form to us.

      Instead of mailing a voided check, you can have a bank representative complete and sign Section three of the form and fax it to us (if you’re depositing into a savings account, a bank representative must complete Section 3).

      Instructions, our mailing address and our fax number are on the form:


    1. NYSLRS Post author

      NYSLRS can only make direct deposits into one account. However, you may wish to contact your bank about setting up automatic transfers of funds into a different account.


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