Retirement Online is Back

Earlier this month, NYSLRS finished a series of computer system upgrades to improve the services available to our customers. Retirement Online was unavailable during the upgrade period, but it is now once again available to NYSLRS members, retirees and beneficiaries.

Retirement Online is Back

Using Retirement Online

Register and sign in to Retirement Online to:

  • View benefit information. You don’t need to rely on your annual statement or call our Contact Center. With Retirement Online, you can review up-to-date information about your account when it’s convenient for you.
  • Update contact information. Change your address, phone number or email address online instead of calling or emailing. If you submitted an address change form during the upgrade, we are processing those now.
  • View or update beneficiaries. It’s a good idea to keep your beneficiary designations up to date. View your selections and submit changes instantly. If you submitted a paper beneficiary designation form during the upgrade, your beneficiary change is effective as of the date we received it, however, updates may not appear in your Retirement Online account until your form is processed.
  • Apply for a loan. You may be eligible to take out a loan against your NYSLRS contributions. Do it safely and conveniently with Retirement Online. If you submitted a loan application during the upgrade, we are processing those now.
  • Generate an income verification letter. Sometimes a business or government agency requires you to verify your pension income. Generate and print an official income verification letter any time you need one.

As a result of this spring’s upgrades, we expect to roll out even more features later this year. Members will be able to estimate their pension benefit, purchase service credit and apply for retirement; retirees will get to manage their direct deposit information and more. Stay connected to NY Retirement News for details.

7 thoughts on “Retirement Online is Back

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      Most members who die while they’re still working will leave their beneficiaries what’s called an ordinary death benefit. The benefit amount is usually one year of your earnings per year of service, up to a maximum of three years.

      Most NYSLRS members are eligible for a post-retirement death benefit if they retire directly from payroll or within one year of leaving covered employment. The post-retirement benefit is a percentage of the benefit available during your working years.

      You can find more information in your retirement plan booklet.

      To get account-specific information, please contact our customer service representatives using the secure email form on our website ( One of our representatives will review your account and respond to your questions. Filling out the secure form allows us to safely contact you about your personal account information.

  1. Dixie Myers

    When is NYSLRS going to get with current technology and automate the direct deposit program online; specifically, changes to accounts. We are made to mail or fax a form and then wait 12-14 weeks for processing. This is ridiculous. This is our sole source of income and we can’t afford to wait 12-14 weeks.

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      We are sorry for the delay but we are working to process direct deposit requests as quickly as possible.

      NYSLRS recommends that if possible, retirees wait for confirmation of their direct deposit change before closing an old bank account to avoid a delay in your payment.

  2. George Lumpkin

    Why is the retirement site not available 24 hours a day? Isn’t that the purpose? Closing it down at 1500 eastern time limits the availability severely. Especially for those of us that live out west.


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