Retirement Planning – The First Step Is Getting Informed

Are you getting into a retirement state of mind? The last few years of your public employment career is the perfect time to start retirement planning. You’ll be asking important questions like when you will be eligible to retire or what type of New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS) pension benefit option will best suit you, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you take the time to learn about your NYSLRS retirement plan and the benefits available to you, the transition from employment to retirement should go smoothly.

Preparing for Retirement: Part One – Information is the Key

The Preparing for Retirement 7-part video series discusses the main aspects of retirement planning to help NYSLRS members nearing retirement make good, informed decisions for the future. In Part One – Information is the Key, you’ll take a walk through the NYSLRS website, learning about the different publications and retirement planning tools available to you. As you’ll see in the video, knowing where to find retirement information is just the first step in preparing for retirement.

Important Links for Retirement Planning

Where to Find More Retirement Planning Information

If you are close to retirement and have more questions, consider scheduling an appointment to meet with an information representative at one of NYSLRS’ consultation sites in New York State, or you could schedule a phone consultation instead. Don’t forget to check back for the rest of the Preparing for Retirement video series, which includes retirement planning topics like:

  • Service credit
  • Requesting a retirement benefit estimate
  • Personal financial planning during retirement
  • How divorce may affect your pension
  • Filing your retirement application
  • Choosing the option of how your pension will be paid

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