Knowing Your Retirement Plan is the Key to Retirement Planning

Information is the key to being fully prepared for your retirement years. The single most important thing you can do to achieve this goal is to know what NYSLRS retirement plan you’re in. Once you know that, the next thing you must do is understand the benefits your plan provides.

Your retirement plan booklet covers things like how long you’ll need to work in order to receive a pension, how your pension amount is determined, and what kind of death and disability benefits may be available to you. You can find a copy of your plan booklet on our website’s Publications page.

But here’s the challenge: NYSLRS manages 335 retirement plan combinations, which are described in 51 plan booklets. How do you figure out which is yours? The information below should help.

Retirement plan booklet infographic

Two Key Questions

To get started, you need to answer two questions.

Question One: Which retirement system are you in? NYSLRS is made up of two different systems:

  • The Employees’ Retirement System (ERS), which is for public employees in non-teaching positions. It also includes some law enforcement personnel, such as correction officers, sheriffs and sheriffs’ deputies.
  • The Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS), which is for paid firefighters and police officers, including SUNY police, State Park police, Encon officers and State Forest Rangers.

Question Two: Which tier are you in? There are six tiers in ERS and five tiers in PFRS. Your tier, based on when you joined NYSLRS, determines such things as when you become eligible for benefits and how much you contribute. You can find your tier by checking your Account Information in Retirement Online or by checking the NYSLRS website.

For many members, knowing your retirement system and tier are enough. But for other members, especially those in law enforcement, it may help to have your retirement plan number as well. The plan number indicates the section of Retirement and Social Security Law the plan is based on. For example, Plan A15 indicates that you are covered by Article 15. You can find your plan number in the Account Information section of Retirement Online.

Roughly three-quarters of all ERS members are covered by Article 15; they just need to know their tier to find the correct booklet.

State policeSUNY policeState Encon OfficersState Park Police and Forest Rangers each have their own plan booklet, which can be found in the PFRS section of the Publications page. That’s also where you’ll find the Special 20- and 25-Year Plans, which cover officers in most municipal police departments. (Members in these special plans should see 384, 384-d or 384-e listed in Retirement Online.)

If you are still unsure which retirement plan booklet covers your benefits, you can send us an email using our secure contact form, or you can ask your employer.

Take the Time to Understand Your Retirement Plan

It cannot be stated enough how important it is to read your plan publication to learn all you can about your benefits. It is the key to solid retirement planning. Remember, no one has a more vested stake in your retirement than you do.

9 thoughts on “Knowing Your Retirement Plan is the Key to Retirement Planning

  1. joellfrank

    Let’s assume a Retirement Reserve Fund of $1 million is required to finance an annual pension income of $90,000. The retiring member’s statement show he has $100,000 in the annuity savings fund. Q.: DOES THIS MEAN THE EMPLOYER’S CONTRIBUTION TOWARD THE NEEDED $1 MILLION IS $900,000?

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      Generally, if you work longer, you will receive a higher retirement benefit. You earn one year of service credit for every year of full-time employment with a participating employer. Your pension will be based on your service credit and final average earnings.

      Most members can use the benefit calculator in Retirement Online to estimate their pension amount using information NYSLRS has on file for them. You can enter different retirement dates to compare potential benefits. Sign in to your account, go to the My Account Summary area of your Account Homepage and click the “Estimate my Pension Benefit“ button. If you don’t already have an account, go to the Sign In page and click the “Sign Up” link under the Customer Sign In button.

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      A good way to get started in your retirement process is to read the Retirement Checklist on our website. It’s a timeline of steps to take beginning 18 months out and highlights important topics and information you’ll need to consider, including how to get a pension estimate and how to apply for retirement. We recommend you bookmark it so you can consult it throughout the process.

  2. Mark DiPirro

    Why is it taking in excess of TWO YEARS to calculate the Fire and Police individual pension calculations? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      We apologize for the delay. Your message is important to us and we have sent you a private message in response.

    2. Shari Gerber

      Why will it take 2 years to finalize my retirement? I retired April 23,2020. I was told that it would take 6 months and now I am told 2 years. Thank you.

      1. NYSLRS Post author

        We understand your frustration, but the NYSLRS social media team does not have access to your personal account information, so we cannot assist you with the finalization of your pension.

        For questions about processing times, please call our customer service representatives at 1-866-805-0990 or email them using the secure email form on our website ( Filling out the secure form allows them to safely contact you about your personal account information.


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