Estimate Your Pension in Retirement Online

How much will your pension be?

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever to find out. Most NYSLRS members can create their own pension estimate in minutes using Retirement Online.

A Retirement Online estimate is based on the most up-to-date account information we have on file for you. You can enter different retirement dates to see how those choices would affect your benefit. When you’re done, you can print your pension estimate or save it for future reference.

estimate your pension in Retirement Online

How to Create Your Pension Estimate

Before you can use the new pension calculator, you will need a Retirement Online account. Once you sign in, go to the My Account Summary section of your account homepage and click the “Estimate my Pension Benefit” button.

You can enter an estimated retirement date (or retirement age), your current salary and expected annual salary increases. You can also include any service credit you plan to purchase and anticipated lump sum payment for unused vacation. If you add the birthdate for a beneficiary, you’ll also see the estimated monthly payment you would receive if you were to choose a payment option that provides a benefit for a survivor.

Any pension estimate you generate with the online calculator would be an approximation of your potential benefit; it is not a guarantee that you’ll receive a certain amount when you retire.

Alternative Ways to Get an Estimate

While more than 90 percent of NYSLRS members (most Tier 3 through 6 members) can use the new benefit calculator, some members should have NYSLRS generate their benefit estimate.

For example, if you recently transferred your membership to NYSLRS or are covered under certain special plans, it would be better if NYSLRS created an estimate for you. The system will notify you if your estimate cannot be completed using Retirement Online’s estimate tool. Please contact us to request a pension estimate if you receive this notification. Also, if you are in Tiers 1 through 4, you can still use the Quick Calculator on the NYSLRS website. The Quick Calculator generates estimates based on information you provide.

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    1. NYSLRS Post author

      We are not aware of any retirement incentive for NYSLRS members that was approved in the 2021-22 New York State budget.

      If a State retirement incentive program is approved by both houses of the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor, NYSLRS will notify your employer and provide details for our members on our website and on social media.

  1. Marcus

    I need an income verification letter that has been signed so I can get it Apostille. I need to submit this to a foreign consulate. The income verification letter that you can print out on Retirement Online is not signed. I tried calling and can’t get through to a live person. I submitted my request through “contact us”. I was very specific as to what I needed and why. After a week of waiting I was sent an unsigned form. The exact same income verification form I could have printed out myself! This is extremely frustrating.

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      We apologize for the trouble you had trying to reach our Call Center. Your message is important to us and we have sent you a private message in response.

  2. E Johnson

    Hey NYSLRS…can you make your font any larger? You’re writing to folks of retirement age…and we can’t even read the message with the font so small.
    E. Johnson

    1. NYSLRS Post author

      Most computers allow you to adjust the font size of text you are reading online. With many computers, you can increase the font by simultaneously pressing the Control key and plus sign.


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