NYSLRS – One Tier at a Time: ERS Tier 6

When you join the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS), you’re assigned a tier based on the date of your membership. There are six tiers in the Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) and five in the Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS). Each tier has a different benefit structure established by New York State legislation. Our series, NYSLRS – One Tier at a Time, walks through each tier to give you a quick look at the benefits in both ERS and PFRS.

Today’s post looks at ERS Tier 6, which includes anyone who joined ERS since April 1, 2012. There were 166,532 ERS Tier 6 members as of March 31, 2017, making them the second largest tier group in ERS.

The graphic below illustrates basic retirement information for Tier 6 members.

ERS Tier 6

Where to Find More ERS Tier 6 Information

ERS Tier 6 members can find more details about their benefits in the publications listed below:

For benefit information about special plans for other job titles, please visit our Publications page.

Stay tuned for more NYSLRS – One Tier at a Time posts. Want to learn more about the different NYSLRS retirement tiers? Check out some earlier posts in the series:

2 thoughts on “NYSLRS – One Tier at a Time: ERS Tier 6

  1. Matthew

    Tier 5 would have been great with a 30 year rule for the elimination of the benefit reduction. Tier 6 just seems like a horrible, mis-guided over-correction that allows the state to use the employer contributions on younger Tier 6 members to subsidize the the pension payments to other tier members. It leaves young life-long Tier 6 members with an effective employer contribution of <2% when you convert the values to compare it to defined contribution plans. McDonald's employees get a higher employer match…

    Hopefully, overtime, Tier 6 members can win back some of the benefits that once justified the lower wages associated with state service, or gain new benefits like a freeze on retirement healthcare payment increases…though if the state doesn't start funding these liabilities we might as well say goodbye to affordable retirement healthcare as well!

    1. Funnygal

      100% accurate assessment. Tier 6 is horrible. Adding insult to injury, tier 4 and below have much higher take home pay since their (lower) contributions cease after yr 10. So they can double up on retirement savings by investing their earnings in IRAs and 403bs while the rest of us plump their NYSTRS accounts for them.


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